Meet Ellen

Ellen Litteral is a nutritionist who specializes in weight-loss resistance and who provides nutritional support for various metabolic, inflammatory and digestive disorders. She focuses on the root causes associated with conditions such as PCOS, IBS, type 2 diabetes, Hashimoto’s, RA and other autoimmune conditions. She has a passion for helping clients regain their vibrancy through diet and lifestyle interventions, and she embraces the philosophy that a healthy outside starts from the inside. She has helped clients achieve a normal weight after struggling with obesity for decades.


Ellen’s journey to functional nutrition began with her own health struggles. After a series of personal losses and persistent career demands, she gained nearly 25 pounds in less than two months. She saw specialists, hired personal trainers, went on numerous calorie restricted diets and read all the expert opinions about weight loss – but nothing worked. In fact, no matter what she tried over the next 10 years, she continued to steadily gain weight, lose energy, experience brain fog and lose interest in social connection. It was her research into effective strategies for optimizing health that led her to functional medicine & nutrition, and they transformed her life!

Now, her mission is to help others find the same success. Ellen’s approach is highly individualized and recognizes that all the body’s systems work together, that imbalances cause disorder, and that restoring balance promotes wellness. She believes in keeping things as simple as possible and uses proven methods to optimize results, including nutrigenomics testing focused on how your genes impact your nutritional status, exercise efficiency, metabolism, and mental health.

Ellen's Educational Journey

Ellen has a B.A. from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor and is in the advanced stages of her master’s studies for human nutrition at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut. She has national certifications from the Institute for Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition Alliance, is certified in nutrigenomics testing, teaches meditation, and has multiple coaching certifications to boost her clients’ success.

Ellen’s recommendations are highly personalized, as are the suggested services for each person. Schedule your free consultation today and get on the path to YOUR full healthy!